To Authenticate:

  1. Generate a request for a bearer token
    You need to provide the Act! Username and Password, as well as the database name.
    GET /authorize
    • Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXX
    • Act-Database-Name: XXXXX
    Error Codes
    Code Message
    401 Unauthorized indicates that the requested resource requires authentication.
    403 Forbidden indicates that the user does not have the necessary permissions for the resource.
    4030 Incompatibility issue with Act!
    4031 Subscription required.
    4032 API access permission required.

    Remember, Basic Authorization headers are generated by combining Username:Password, and base 64 encoding the result.
  2. Store the Bearer Token
    To authenticate against other Act! Web API, you need to provide the bearer token you recieved in step 1. You'll also be sending this along on every API request in the "Authorization" header.
    Example: Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXX
  3. Develop
    You can now authenticate and develop against the Act! Web API! Learn more…


    Act! Premium - Windows® or Act! Premium - Web
    • /act.web.api
    Act! Premium - Cloud
    • Server/{customer}-api/act.web.api
    Rate Limits - Premium Cloud

    API requests are rate limited, so be sure to look at the following headers:

    • X-RateLimit-Limit - the number of calls you can make a minute.
    • X-RateLimit-Remaining - the number of calls you have left this minute.
    • X-RateLimit-Reset - the next time the limit will be reset.
  4. API Version Information:

    To get version information about the API, call this anonymous route: GET: /api/system